Accountability – Week 2.5

Re spawn – Week One

One thing I need to get my head in to is that I can’t do it all at once.  I set a lot of goals and expected a clean run in the first week – you know, with the fresh beginning motivation.  That didn’t happen, but I didn’t do too bad.

I finally bit the bullet and joined a local gym and hit my goal of two workouts that week. The great thing is that I am not as unfit as I imagined.

One of my other goals was to do yoga once a week.  Hit that goal too.  Its something I enjoy doing.

From there on it’s all a bit meh.  I didn’t meet any of the other goals that week.  That’s okay, its only week one.  It takes time to develop a habit, I’m happy I got the two physical goals done.

Week 2.5

This second week hasn’t been so good so far.  Did my yoga, started meditation (something I didn’t even get in to last week), went for a 20 minute walk, did a body weight workout in lieu of the gym.

Then depression hit.  The week has not gone how I planned it.

The feeling is just horrible.  I don’t even know why I feel so low at the moment.

One thing I do know is that this current schedule is not working.  I don’t know what it is.  I need to study, I find the best time is in the morning.  But, I also find that is the best time for the gym.  Can’t do both – not enough time before work, unless I am up at 4am.  Not going to happen, 5am is early enough.

Next weeks plan is to workout in the morning and study in the evening.  See if that gets me going again.

Staying Accountable – Starting Again

It’s not a mystery, its Nerd Fitness history has been my go to place for health, exercise and diet advice/guidance for over a year now.  It was going well, I’d lost 56 pounds in just over a year – including the period before joining Nerd Fitness.

However, in recent months I’ve fallen off the fitness wagon and allowed depression/stress/anxiety take control.  I’ve gone from working out three times a week, walking for over an hour each day and doing yoga a couple of times a week to pretty much doing nothing.  I was also on it as far as healthy eating goes, rarely eating crap food.

Nerd Fitness was working, I could see and feel the results, so it makes sense to stick with it. Continue reading “Staying Accountable – Starting Again”