Staying Accountable – Starting Again

It’s not a mystery, its Nerd Fitness history has been my go to place for health, exercise and diet advice/guidance for over a year now.  It was going well, I’d lost 56 pounds in just over a year – including the period before joining Nerd Fitness.

However, in recent months I’ve fallen off the fitness wagon and allowed depression/stress/anxiety take control.  I’ve gone from working out three times a week, walking for over an hour each day and doing yoga a couple of times a week to pretty much doing nothing.  I was also on it as far as healthy eating goes, rarely eating crap food.

Nerd Fitness was working, I could see and feel the results, so it makes sense to stick with it.


In the last few months I’ve re-spawned a few times, with limited success.  This morning I decided to go back to the beginning of the Nerd Fitness Academy.  By going back to the beginning I feel I’ve regained some of the early excitement I had last year.  I’ve also refreshed my memory on things I’d forgotten and have been able to recognise bad habits I hadn’t realised I’d picked up.

The BIG why? and Goals

Sharing the things below is pushing my comfort zone, had to use that 20 seconds of courage to share.

Here’s where I am, as of 30th October 2016:

Weight: 18 stone 4 pounds.

Big WHY?

I need to battle this depression. I am sick and tired of the impact it is having on, not only my life, but the lives of those around me.  I know that working out and eating healthy food helps. I know that when I do these things I stop feeling crap about myself.  I feel better when I work out.  I want that feeling on a more consistent basis. I actually want to see my grandchildren and enjoy as much of their lives as I can – can’t do that from an early grave.


I’m the type of person who eats healthy:

I will drink 3 litres of water a day for a week (7 days), dropping to 2 litres a day for a month (REWARD: In 2 Weeks a new (swanky) water bottle)

By the end of November I will be eating at least one vegetable per day

By the end of December I will only consume alcohol on Friday and Saturday nights

In four weeks I will only consume 2000 healthy calories per day

I will keep a food diary everyday (REWARD: After a month I get a new Moleskine journal)

I’m the type of person who will be physically and mentally fit:

I will go to the gym two days per week

By the end of November I will be walking everyday of the week for at least 20 minutes per day (REWARD: In 8 weeks a new set of headphones)

I will do at least one yoga class per week

By the end of December I will meditate 7 days per week

I will take my dog on an hours walk every Saturday and sunday

This is all before I even get to the exercise bit, the mindset re-spawn is massive and goes in to way more than what is above.

The aim of doing this is to keep myself accountable, something I’ve been terrible at recently.  Doing it this way is new to me, so I’m hoping that change will push me forward.